In-class discussion accounts for 20% of your grade. So be active and engaging!

Following is an in-progress list of paper that we will be reading as part of this class. Reading ALL papers before class is required. Participating in paper discussions is required and carefully accounted These rules are described below.

This class is largely white-board and discussion based, but we prepared some take-home notes, which we link below. We strongly advise that you complement these notes with Steve Gribble's notes from his Distributed Systems course.

Note: Some dates are missing. Those correspond to classes dedicated to project-related functions (projects page).



Slides / Notes

Class 0 Class Overview
No reading assignment.
course intro ds primer
Class 1 Introduction PDF
Class 2 Time, Clocks, and Global States clock sync (from Steve Gribble)
logical clocks (from Steve Gribble)
Class 3 No lecture. Project related functions
Class 4 Consistency, Coherence PDF (from Steve Gribble)
Class 5 Transactions and Replication concurrency control and recovery
two-phase commit (from Steve Gribble)
Class 6 Consensus
Class 7 No lecture. Project related functions
Class 8 The Google Storage Stack
Class 9 More Data Center Topics
Class 10 Big Data Processing
Class 11 DHTs and P2P
Class 12 Security
Class 13 No lecture. Project related functions

What You Need to Do

Before each class, you must ensure that: